2021 The year of Growth

First of all Azrek would like to thank all of our loyal followers, supporters and clients.

You are why we do what we do! 

This has been a very exciting year at Azrek. We got some beautiful and exciting Foals, backed some exciting youngsters, started a new adventure on the endurance track and had a really nice show at Parys Afri-Dome just a couple of weeks ago. We thank everyone who form a part of this amazing team we have here at azrek. It’s been one of those building block years. Growth was part of our goals this year and that is exactly what we did and achieved. 

Azrek Emanda started her endurance career and we could not be more excited or proud of this beaut. 

During the Northwest Championships a few young horses made their debut in the show ring. We are exceptionally proud of how well these young horses came out and just accepted the challenge of being a show horse. Lets face it, showing really can put a lot of stress on a first timer and these horses just flourished from the first to the last class. Enough build up. Let me introduce you to these beauties.

The following horses went to the Northwest championships

A lady wise in her years: Azrek Elzotyka. 

Azrek Sparkling Bay

Azrek Sparkling Fire

Azrek Egbert.

This was Azrek Egbert and Azrek Sparkling Fire’s first Arabian show. They were AMAZING! Lively and very excited the rode every class with such a sense of discipline and in such high spirits.

Azrek Sparkling Bay did her second Arabian show and as usual with the most amazing kind and well behaved heart! This mare stole our hearts with her willing and kind spirit. She lives for her rider! Always ready for your next move and with such grace. She will be a once in a life time mare. Winning her senior Country pleasure mares class, winning the senior Show Hack mares Class and winning the Senior Costume mares class. Shining in every Championship class with two, third places and a Forth. This diamond has a long way to go, but with her we will get there soon. 

Azrek Sparkling Fire. As gentle and quiet as her sister might be, Fire is the exact opposite in the best possible way. Her name says everything! Fire is keen, smart and on her way to a fiery future! The amazing thing about fire is no matter how eager she is, she is always well behaved! I guess Sparkle NShine just breeds it into her foals. Fire receives a Third place in the Junior Country Pleasure Championships, First place in the Snaffle bit & Martingale Country pleasure horse class and is the Junior Costume Horse Northwest Champion! Now look we could try and exclaim how excited we are about this mare, but words can not be enough. She is and will be spectacular! 

Azrek Egbert. This absolutely gorgeous son out of Eloida and Shakir El Marwan is so special. We backed him about a year ago and gave him some time to think about it. All we can say is WOW! What a smart horse. We started his schooling about 8 months ago. The results thus far is great. It all just comes so natural! Before this show he has never even been in a Horsebox and he took it all like it was nothing at all! With times he got really excited and even so, behaved so well. All the new friends was the best part of the show for this young Stallion. Azrek Egbert Wins the Novice Riding horse stallions. Receives a second place in the Snaffle bit & Martingale Hunter Pleasure class and a second place in the Snaffle bit & Martingale Novice riding horse. 

A moment in time is life, but a successful moment in time is a gift! 

We are so excited about the new year and can not wait to see what the future will show us. But for now we say have a lovely festive season! Be safe and be loved!