Endurance prospects at Azrek Arabians:

 Future endurance prospects of Azerk Arabians                      

At Azrek Arabians our main focus have always been on the polish Arabian horse. A strong Hardy animal, ready and capable for just about any kind of challenge. We breed for strong legs, big hearts and huge attitudes. It has shown in the show ring countless times just how amazing these horses are. The same horse who has the ability to scale mountains now will. We are working on getting a few of Azrek’s own out on the endurance track to compete in the future. We spent time looking for the horses with the biggest hearts! 

I will no longer delay, let me introduce to you our brave hearts:


Kalil is a 6 year old gelding.

Dam: Azrek Wanetzia

Sire of Dam: Georgetown

Sire: Shakir El Marwan

Ferhan Abril

Dam: Azrek Wanetzia

Sire of Dam: Georgetown

Sire: Sharub Midnight Magic

Azrek Elri


Dam: Azrek Elozet

Sire of Dam: Poganin

Sire: Shakir El Marwan

Sharub Midnight Magic

Dam: Ja Illumination

Sire of dam: Nations SPY

Sire: Magic Dream

These are all Horses being trained for the endurance  track.