Horse of the week: 07/08/2020

 Beauty of the week:

Azrek Elri

We do not choose favourites they choose us. Elri is a Azrek Favourite! 

Elri is a 4 year old filly, she has been under saddle just over a year now and wow! She is strong elegent and gracefull. she is full of patience, obedience and passion. Her future could not be brighter than it is at the moment. The stars will be her playground! 


With Elri you always know a good day will turn to great, it does not matter if you are working her in an “in hand” session, under the saddle in the arena or headed out for a quick 40km ride, she is always there always ready and always willing to give her whole heart as far as she possibly can. 

This stunner will be one of those once in a life time kind of horses, with both parents having spectacular reputations we are excited to see what this youngster will bring to the table. 

Azrek ELRI


Azrek Elri( 07/01/2017)



Sire of Dam: POGANIN.


This flea bitten grey filly has a rich back round  of amazing CHAMPIONS and we truly believe she will be the same and even more! 

Elri is a 15.2hh high, athletic and refined filly. As is clear she is a nice and wide mare in front and in back. With conformation and hooves close to perfect, we could not ask for more in a competitive horse or future breeding mare. 

We hope you will fall in love with her as much as we have.