Horse of the week: 24/07/2020

 Stallion of the week:

Azrek El Marc

There will never be enough hours in a day to completely explain the grace, power and wonder of this horse. 

He is the type of stallion who will come into your life and change the way you look at everything! His soft and people pleasing temperament will steal you heart. Apart from being an absolute beauty, he is smart a fast learner and a willing ride. Whether you are in a “In hand” class, ridden class or on the endurance track he gives his whole heart every step of the way. 

I suppose it’s clear he is one of our very favourites! 

El Marc’s best quality is that his foals all have the same qualities. If you are looking for an intelligent, strong willed and refined beauty, this is where you will breed it.



Sire: QR Marc

Dam: Eligia

Sire of Dam: Sanadik El Shaklan

His pedigree is pure testament of what we are dealing with.